The son of film actor Clark Gable, John Clark Gable, has been arrested for DUI after crashing into seven different parked cars while in Malibu today (April 3rd 2013).

The 52-year-old was driving a Ford pick-up truck according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Reports from TMZ suggest that he had crashed into 6 of the cars in a bid to escape an accident scene where he backed into an initial car apparently under the influence of an undisclosed substance. 'It appears alcohol and/or drugs were involved', a police source told the celebrity news website. The news comes with an ironic factoid; Gable used to race trucks as a younger man. We desperately hope that wasn't a long-standing career for him.

'Gone With The Wind' actor Clark Gable Sr. would be turning in his grave if he knew what havoc his heirs were wreaking; it was only two years ago when his grandson, Clark James Gable, was arrested for shining a laser light inside a police helicopter causing a significant amount of danger to both the pilot and the public. His manager at the time insisted that he wasn't aware of the felony or of any danger. John Clark Gable was taken to the Sheriff's office following his arrest and details of his charges are yet to be announced.