Hollywood legend Clark Gable's son still refuses to speak to his illegitimate half-sister JUDY DAVIS - even though she's now 68.

JOHN CLARK GABLE, Clark's son with his fifth wife KAY SPRECKLES, has never spoken to fellow actor Davis - whose mother was THE BISHOP'S WIFE star LORETTA YOUNG.

Davis' struggle was also compounded by Young only revealing she was Davis' natural mother years before her death in 2000.

But, despite their shared parentage and Davis' willingness to heal the family rift - John still refuses to acknowledge her.

LUCY KENWRIGHT, who has produced a new TV documentary about the pair, says, "Judy is very philosophical about what has happened in her life. She could be bitter but I think she forgives her mother.

"But John Clark Duncan still refuses to acknowledge Judy. She would like a relationship and be a part of his life but he doesn't want to know her. It's sad."

19/02/2004 17:33