Judy Lewis, the secret lovechild of legendary late actor Clark Gable, has died aged 76 it's been confirmed today (December 2nd). Lewis led a troubled life, not finding out of her parents real identity until adulthood having been conceived on the set of 1935 release 'The Call Of The Wild' between Gable and fellow actor Loretta Young
It wasn't until she was 31 years old that Lewis fully discovered the truth and confronted Young, reports the New York Times, forcing an admission out of her at her home in California. Before then she'd lived with her mother as a child but been to referred to only as an adopted child by the actress, who was so ashamed at the pregnancy out of wedlock that she spent most of it in Europe to avoid the gossip - gossip that only intensified when Lewis grew older and started to resemble Clark Gable. After her ears were noted for being quite large like Gable's, Young enforced Lewis to have surgery on them to make them smaller. Young only publicly noted that she was Lewis' biological mother in her memoirs, released after her death in 2000.
Despite this, Lewis still managed to have a relatively successful acting career of her own, including appearing in TV Serials such as 'General Hospital' and 'Kitty Foyle'. Her longest running role however was on the soap 'The Secret Storm', where she played Susan Ames between 1964 and 1971.