Clarence Clemons' family is suing the doctors who treated the musician prior to his death.

Bruce Springsteen's longtime E Street Band saxophonist passed away in 2011 after suffering complications from a stroke, and it has now emerged his relatives have filed a malpractice lawsuit against three physicians and executives of the Palm Beach Cancer Center in Palm Beach, Florida.

The lawsuit was filed in 2012, and last month (Feb13) a judge gave the green light for the case to head to trial.

In the papers, obtained by, three doctors - Robert J. Jacobson, David W. Dodson and Keith Meyer - are accused of failing to make sure Clemons, 71, was given a blood-thinning medication prior to hand surgery shortly before his death. They claim the alleged mistake led to Clemons' stroke.

The lawsuit also targets the Palm Beach Cancer Center over allegations Clemons' widow Victoria found her husband lying on the floor of the clinic "confused and dysarthric (unable to speak properly)" the day after the surgery, which was carried out to treat his carpal tunnel syndrome.