Claire Foy has been warned a man convicted of stalking her may still write letters to her.

Jason Penrose, 49, from the US, appeared at Wood Green Crown Court in London on Thursday (15.12.22) for sentencing after admitting a charge of stalking and two breaches of a stalker protection order - and during the hearing, Judge David Aaronberg warned 'The Crown' star this may not be the end of her ordeal.

He told the court about a letter allegedly written by Penrose and added: "This is somebody who is demonstrating in the letter that they have some kind of obsession with Ms Foy and that they are likely to write again on occasion, but promise they will not persist in ringing her doorbell. It is not a threatening document in any way at all. It's various jottings and ramblings on a torn piece of paper."

Penrose denied sending the letter. The sentencing hearing was adjourned until January 20 with the judge telling the court he needs to wait to hear from the Home Office whether Penrose will be deported back to America.

Judge Aaronberg added: "If decisions are made to get him deported, then I am likely to give him a suspended sentence with a restraining order ... I want to make it part of any restraining order that he can't enter the country.

"If he stops taking his medication he is likely going to become a pest again, but he doesn't mean to be a pest. I can see that he has an unhealthy obsession with Ms Foy and he can't stop trying to contact her.

"Ms Foy wants to know what is going to happen to him. He wants to know what is going to happen to him. But I'm afraid I need something more either from the Home Office or the doctors."

Penrose has been receiving care at a hospital in London and Judge Aaronberg confirmed he will be continuing the treatment order. He told the court: ""The only thing I can sensibly do is continue the order I have made for him to remain in hospital on an involuntary basis at the expense of the British taxpayer. Although one might question why that should be the case when he is here unlawfully."

Claire was said to have been left terrified after being bombarded by emails from Penrose, who also allegedly turned up at her home, contacted her friends and relatives and attempted to reach out to the actress on social media.

In a statement that was read to the court, Claire explained how his actions had affected her. She said: "His relentless attempts to contact me are so traumatic. Every time I think this is sorted it is not.

"I feel like there is nothing that would stop him being able to contact me, he has affected every aspect of my life."

Back in July, a judge slapped Penrose with a five-year stalking protection order after he previously admitted a charge of stalking involving serious alarm or distress.