The conversation surrounding the gender pay gap is one that rumbles on, with recent reports exposing how those at Netflix had paid Matt Smith more for his role as Prince Phillip in 'The Crown' than Claire Foy, who had taken on the lead role of Queen Elizabeth II. So much so, that producers have now stepped out and said that in future seasons, no actor or actress would be paid as much as the talent stepping into Queen Elizabeth's shoes.

Claire Foy has led two seasons of Netflix's 'The Crown'Claire Foy has led two seasons of Netflix's 'The Crown'

Those words were likely a kick in the teeth of Foy however, as she's stepped away from the series following her two seasons. Those working on 'The Crown' have been open about how they'll be using a time jump every couple of seasons, bringing on a whole new cast for the show as the age of the characters changes dramatically.

'Broadchurch' actress Olivia Colman is the next woman to be fronting the drama, with Helena Bonham Carter also set to make her 'Crown' debut. Colman will likely rake in the big bucks now that the pay gap has been exposed.

Speaking with EW, Foy said of the recent drama: "I'm surprised because I'm at the centre of it, and anything that I'm at the centre of like that is very very odd, and fells very very out of ordinary. But I'm not [surprised about the interest in the story] in the sense that it was a female-led drama. I'm not surprised that people saw [the story] and went, 'Oh, that's a bit odd.' But I know that Matt [Smith] feels the same that I do; that it's odd to find yourself at the centre [of a story] that you didn't particularly ask for."

Foy doesn't seem to be holding a grudge against her 'Crown' co-star, with the pair seemingly above having any bad blood pull apart any friendship they may have cooked up on the set of the show. A good thing, but it still doesn't make up for the money Foy lost out on in being paid less than her male co-star. We expect the talk around this one will go on for some time...

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'The Crown' seasons 1-2 are available now on Netflix. We'll bring you more news surrounding season 3 as and when we get it.