Having recovered its reputation with last year’s series, ‘Homeland’ is set to carry on in the same vein by shaking things up once more in its upcoming fifth season. The show’s co-creator Alex Gansa was speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of a panel at 2015’s PaleyFest when he dropped some teasers.

The headline news is that not only will there be a new location and a new job for central character Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes, but that there will also be a time jump of a couple of years.

Claire Danes
Claire Danes, who plays Carrie in 'Homeland', at the Screen Actors Guild

“The story will be set in Germany, in Berlin. We have our fingers crossed [that] we'll shoot in Berlin,” Gansa stated. This is therefore outside Carrie’s field of expertise, since all of her work previously regards the Middle East.

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Regarding Carrie, Gansa revealed she’ll “be trying to come to terms with her life in the CIA [and] dealing with what she felt at the very end of season four, which is disillusionment and disdain about it. So she'll actually be out of the agency.”

She’ll also be in a more stable place as a mother to her daughter Frannie, Gansa added. "She's embracing it. I think she's trying to make a significant and profound change in her life… …she's not conflicted about Frannie anymore, which I think is important. That's a new place for her.”

And finally, the ever-turbulent relationship with her ex-boss and mentor Saul, played by Mandy Patinkin: “They seem to have not spoken for a long time,” executive producer and writer Chip Johannessen, soon to be departing the show, revealed. “That may be for a good reason.”

Pressed for more details on Saul, Gansa bluntly replied “I'm going to take the fifth on that one.”

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