There's going to be a couple of new faces to 'Homeland,' too, and they can also be found in the trailer. Joining the cast are names such as Suraj Sharma, who plays the Pakistani medical student Aayan Ibrahim. Carrie can be seen approaching him, wanting to be the one to "tell his important story." Raza Jeffrey will be playing Aasar Khan, a lieutenant colonel for Pakistan's intelligence agency, and he's found telling Carrie that he hopes she'll be on her best behavior. Not likely. Additionally, actors Corey Stoll and Michael O'Keefe will appear in the upcoming season as recurring cast members, too, so there won't be any shortage of potential character development.

Homeland CastSeason four will be without Nicholas Brody

Of course, Homeland will also be without one of its leads in the past three seasons, Nicholas Brody. The U.S. Marine turned terrorist and father of Carrie's baby was ultimately killed off in the season three finale. While shocking, it was a much needed breath of fresh air for the series. The Brody storyline was hanging by a thread, and there wasn't much more that could be told. In fact, some critics would say that the character well overstayed its welcome, and Brody's departure busts the door wide open for possible Homeland scenarios now. This also means that Brody's family of his wife and two irritating kids will also most likely not be included in the upcoming season, which can only mean good things.

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As season four is essentially a 'Homeland' reboot, the series is looking to get back on its feet. After two consecutive nods at a "best drama" Emmy nomination, it didn't get any recognition this year for the category, which series co-creator Alex Gansa described as "painful." "The criticism hurt. The lack of an Emmy nomination hurt," he said. "But we're going to come back strong." Though we've still got some time until we get see if Gansa is right, the trailers and clips thus far is making 'Homeland' look like the version of the show that won its "best drama" award not too long ago.