‘Homeland’ fans have at last got a confirmed return date for the national security drama’s sixth series.

David Nevins, president of the Showtime network, revealed during a panel at the TCA Summer press tour that the counter-terrorism series will be coming back on Sunday January 15th, 2017, with production beginning in New York City in just a few weeks’ time.

Having spent the last two seasons abroad, in Pakistan and Germany respectively, the sixth iteration of ‘Homeland’ will see the cast return to the States, with the series set during the period between the presidential election and the inauguration. Production was delayed in order so that the series could reflect what is happening in the real 2016 presidential election as closely as possible.


Showrunner Alex Gansa previously said of the sixth season: “It's an interesting time. A transition and transfer of power is happening. In that 72 days, we're hopefully going to tell an interesting story. Whether the president is male or female, it's going to be a very interesting character.”

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Furthermore, confirming previous reports that the show had been commissioned for multiple seasons taking it up to 2019, Nevins said: “It's the season that's in production plus two more. This show is broken year by year… it's broken by a yearly story, it's somewhat anthological… so I don't think Alex will say 'I've broken the next three seasons of show.' We're sort of see when we get into it… whether we'll keep going or not.”

Later on the same day, Gansa plus the show’s stars Claire Danes (Carrie) and Mandy Patinkin (Saul) answered questions, and teased fans as to the status of Rupert Friend’s character Quinn, last seen in a desperate medical condition at the end of season five.

“Quinn is alive, we really want to be careful about revealing what his condition is,” Gansa revealed cautiously. “He suffered a major stroke last season and… you're going to see a very changed and altered Quinn this year.”

“I think Quinn this coming season will really represent a very profound and familiar casualty of the war on terror for our audience,” he added. “This year will be also suffused with the tension of his daily relationship with Claire.”

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