The 36-year-old star has landed her biggest role to date in the form of bipolar CIA officer Carrie Mathison in the hit programme.

In the last series, Carrie was adjusting to life as a mother after an affair with married soldier Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis, left her pregnant.

Around the time, Claire had welcomed her own little bundle of joy, son Cyrus, into the world with husband Hugh Dancy.

"It wasn't great, especially when I had a child the same age," she told Britain's Marie Claire magazine.

"And I am far from having murderous feelings about a child, but I know the complexity of what it is to be a mum, even when everything's going well.

"There is a resistance and there is resentment even if you're not in postpartum agony."

Luckily it didn't affect her relationship with her little boy, now three years old.

It also helped that Claire had spouse Hugh to support her through the difficult filming.

The couple met on the set of 2007 movie Evening and tied the knot in 2009.

"I can be much more omnivorous and daring in my career if I feel safe," Claire added. "I'm lucky that Hugh and I both want that kind of experience. We are very interested in what it is to be married and we love each other."

Claire also reveals the role became even more tense when Brody was hanged at the end of the third season.

The blonde beauty admits she found it "scary" continuing without him, but had to go on.

"I knew that taking it on was possible, but I really, really missed and continue to miss (Damian)," she sighed.

"He's very charming and a bit of a cut-up. I don't have the same rah-rah spirit on set, which I'm always embarrassed about."