Claire Danes thinks her husband is too polite.

The 36-year-old actress adores her ''very British'' spouse Hugh Dancy - with whom she has two-year-old son Cyrus - but finds his ''indirect'' way of speaking can be very frustrating.

She said: ''He is very British. There is irony, which is very nice, and self-deprecation and awareness of one's relationship to others, which translates into politeness, which can be very elaborate and very indirect.

''Sometimes his politeness is too much for me. 'What are you actually saying, man?'

''I love being married to him. He just happens to be English.''

The 'Homeland' star is thankful she has such a supportive husband as he makes her more willing to take risks with her career.

She said: ''I can be much more omnivorous and daring in my career if I feel safe.

''I'm lucky that Hugh and I both want that kind of experience. We are very interested in what it's like to be married and we love each other.''

And Claire also enjoys the fact her spouse always introduces her to new music.

She explained to Marie Claire magazine: ''He's always culling different artists from lists in The Guardian. He'll play something and I'll think, 'What's this?' He'll say, 'Oh it's so-and-so' and I'm like, 'You didn't tell me about it before now?'''