Cindy Crawford has revealed a tequila commercial featuring her caught in bed with George Clooney was based on a real life incident with the movie hunk.

The supermodel's husband Rande Gerber is best friends with Clooney, and the two own beverage brand Casamigos Tequila, for which they created an amusing advert last year (13).

In the ad, Gerber comes into a bedroom, only to find Clooney lying next to his lingerie-clad wife, suggesting the couple was sleeping off a heavy night of alcohol.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Crawford has revealed the concept for the commercial was based on an embarrassing real-life incident.

She explains, "I woke up at, like, midnight and I snuck into the guest room, and I saw Rande laying face down on the bed with the lights still on. So I was like, 'Hey babe, you gotta wake up.'

"And 'babe' turns his head and it wasn't this babe (Gerber) - it was George! We were both so shocked. Then I started looking for him (Rande) and was like, 'I just got in bed with George in the guest bedroom!'"