Cindy Crawford enjoys the ''perfect amount of famous''.

The 49-year-old model - who is married to 53-year-old businessman Rande Gerber - has claimed she's struck the ideal balance between fame and anonymity as she's aged and her career has become less hectic.

She shared: ''That anonymity is certainly nice, though these days I'm the perfect amount of famous: enough to get a dinner reservation but not enough to get hassled.''

Cindy, who spends one month every year in a lake cabin in Ontario, Canada with her husband and their two children, Presley, 16, and Kaia, 13, revealed it's important for her to escape the stresses of her showbiz lifestyle.

She explained: ''The point here is to slow everything down.

''Life moves quickly, but it will wait.''

What's more, Cindy said she finds it easier to be her real self when she's not being constantly stared at by fans and photographers.

She told the September issue of Vogue magazine: ''You're the real you up here.

''You never have your game face on, your party face. When you're getting dragged behind a boat on an inner tube, it's hard to have much of a facade.''