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Crawford 'Too Healthy' For Today's Fashion Industry

Original supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD is adamant she wouldn't have hit the bigtime if she was strutting the runways today - because she doesn't have the modern fashion world's ideal physique.The American beauty was part of...

Suing Waitresses Refuse Lie Detector Tests Over Gerber Claims

Two waitresses suing CINDY CRAWFORD's husband RANDE GERBER for sexual harassment have refused to take a lie detector test to prove they are telling the truth. The women allege Gerber fired them from his San Diego,...

Crawford Bans Daughter From Watching Miley Cyrus

Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD has banned her young daughter from watching MILEY CYRUS' hit TV show HANNAH MONTANA, because it teaches her to talk back. The star claims seven-year-old Kaya became rude and cocky after watching...

Crawford: 'I've Never Been Happier With My Body'

CINDY CRAWFORD prefers her current body shape to the toned and sculpted look she had as a top supermodel - because she has struggled to attain her current physique. The brunette beauty made women around...

Cage's Sweat Problems

Eccentric actor NICOLAS CAGE has the body odour of "distilled sweat of homeless people" according to former lover - adult actress JENNA JAMESON. The porn queen recalls how the OSCAR-winning actor smelt whilst...

Jameson Questions Crawford's Sexuality In New Book

Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD's sexuality is being questioned again thanks to claims made by porn star JENNA JAMESON in her new biography. In 1994, Crawford famously teamed up with her ex-husband RICHARD GERE and paid...

Cindy Crawford's Husband Fighting Affair Allegations

Rande Gerber, the husband of actress and model Cindy Crawford, is currently fighting accusations that he has indulged in extramarital affairs. Gerber has faced multiple allegations from various sources, all agreeing that the business mogul...

Elite Bankrupt

The model agency that launched the careers of NAOMI CAMPBELL, CLAUDIA SCHIFFER, CINDY CRAWFORD and AMBER VALLETTA has filed for bankruptcy, blaming expensive lawsuits. The ELITE MODEL AGENCY's fate now lies in the hands...

Cindy Crawford's Pitiful Acting Skills

CINDY CRAWFORD's first attempt to get into films got off to a dismal start when she auditioned for THE GRADUATE director MIKE NICHOLS - and forgot to act. The American mega-model later went on...

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