The singer-turned-TV star was found dead aged 72 at her property in Marbella, and reports suggest her body was discovered on the sun terrace by her son.

A spokeswoman for Andalucia's high court of justice, which is overseeing a probe into the singer's death, has now told Britain's The Guardian newspaper that officials are looking into the theory that Black may have suffered an accident which led to her death.

The representative says, "From the facts that the police brought to the judge, there is no indication that would suggest any kind of violence precipitated her death. There were no objects that had been disturbed in her home, there were no signs of violence on her body. This needs to be confirmed by the postmortem, but the evidence gathered by the police suggests that she died of natural causes, but that her death might have been provoked by an accident. At this stage, we can't know if she banged into something and this provoked her death - these are just theories at this point. But with what we know up until now, we can say that there is no suggestion she suffered any kind of violence."

Since Black's death, a book of condolence has been set up in her hometown of Liverpool, England and tributes have been laid outside the city's famous Cavern Club, where she worked as a cloakroom attendant before her impromptu performances brought her to the attention of The Beatles, who helped to kickstart her singing career.