Cilla Black's funeral is reportedly being held at the same church she said goodbye to her husband Bobby Willis in 1999.

Although nothing has been confirmed, the funeral is expected to take place at St Mary Church, Denham, Buckinghamshire where Bobby was laid to rest 16-years-ago at the age of 57, following his battle with cancer.

Yesterday (08.08.15) the 'Blind Date' host's nephew, Ian Willis shared that the memorial service is likely to be where Bobby's was and that his father, Kenny, 78, [Bobby's brother] won't be able to attend because he is ill himself.

He said: ''It will probably be where Bobby's funeral was.They loved each other and that's the way it was.

''me and my brother and sister will be there but Dad will stay at home and Mum will stay with him. He's working on a quarter of his lungs. His legs are swelling and his blood pressure is going up and down.''

Meanwhile, the vicar, Reverend Adrian Hirst - who conducted Bobby's funeral - has said of how Cilla talked about being ''reunited with Bobby in death''.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''The sudden nature of her death will have hit everyone so hard. She spoke a lot about one day being reunited with Bobby in death, but that will be of little consolation to mourners.

''She was a much-loved icon and her funeral will be intensely grief-stricken.''

The Reverend is retired, however, if he is asked to lead the service he would be ''willing'' to do it.

He added: ''Of course I would be willing to take the service. It is a beautiful, traditional church and would be the perfect setting.

''Although I don't know how the village would cope with the numbers of people who I am ure would want to turn up to show their respects.

''Wherever it is, it is certain to be a huge event and a very sombre one.''