The pop star-turned-TV presenter, 72, was found by her son Robert unconscious and slumped on a terrace outside her bedroom at the villa in Estepona on 1 August (15).

Emergency services were called but the former Blind Date host was pronounced dead just 40 minutes after she was discovered.

An inquest in her native city of Liverpool, England on Friday (14Aug15) heard that Black had struck her head as she fell, suffering a fatal injury.

Referring to Black by her married name of Cilla Willis, Liverpool Coroner Andre Rebello told the court, "She had fallen and she had struck her head and the traumatic head injury which had ensued had resulted in her death... The fall itself was unwitnessed... I make the following findings. The medical cause of death is traumatic head injury due to a fall... The evidence points to only one conclusion: that she died from an accidental death, that being the fall that resulted in the traumatic head injury."

Mr. Rebello then turned to Black's sons Robert, Ben, and Jack to pay tribute to their famous mother, saying, "She was your mum, it is right that you grieve and you remember and, far more importantly, that you celebrate her life. Your mum was more than just your mum, she was a daughter of Liverpool and was celebrated and loved by the people of Liverpool."