‘The Sea’ – an adaptation of John Banville’s book of the same name – sees Max Morden (Ciarán Hinds) return to the idyllic setting of his harrowing childhood as he confronts deamons of the past to help exhume the ones currently plaguing his life.

The SeaThe Sea - A harrowing exploration of one man's childhood

Introducing the burgeoning talents of Missy Keating, Matthew Dillon and Padhraig Parkinson, ‘The Sea’ is produced by Luc Roeg - whose work on We Need To Talk About Kevin was celebrated - and Michael Robinson of U.K. production, finance and distribution banner Independent with David Collins of Irish production label Samson Films.

In the trailer, we see Morden strolling around the beautiful vista of his youth, while being confronted with what appears to be a terrible event from his childhood. Flashbacks of a young Morden complement his weathered demeanour as the intriguing tale gets closer to release. 

On the producer side of thing, Andrew Orr, Philip Herd,Ernest Bachrach, Rebecca Long, Steve Spence, Michael Sackler and Julia Godzinskaya are all execs. Shooting took five weeks, primarily on location in County Wexford, Ireland.

"I've wanted to make a film of John Banville's haunting and soulful novel for several years and it's been worth the wait. I'm excited to introduce a new film maker, Stephen Brown, to world cinema and I couldn't be more delighted with the cast and crew we've assembled together with our producing partners at Samson Films," Roeg explained. 

The early reviews suggest the mid-April release is looking strong for an even better reception when the rest of the critical response is compiled. “This good, middlebrow adaptation ... sacrifices much of the novel's structural intricacy for Masterpiece-style emotional accessibility," wrote Variety. 

Watch the trailer for 'The Sea' here