Ciara has revealed her hit 'Goodies' was nearly a Britney Spears song.

The 34-year-old singer has revealed she was made to ''re-audition'' for the 2004 track - her debut single from the album of the same name - and had no idea that her label were considering giving it away to the 'Toxic' hitmaker.

Fortunately, she nailed the audition.

While hosting 'On Level Up Radio with Ciara' on Apple Music Hits, she shared: ''I had to re-audition again, to be picked up and to be made a priority on the label. I did that, had a showcase, rocked it.

''Not knowing that behind the scenes, there was a conversation about this song being potentially taken from me and given to an artist like Britney Spears, who was on the same roster as me.

''I knew that it was a very, very special record.''

Had Ciara known that the song was being considered for other artists she would have ''fought tooth and nail'' to keep it, especially given she co-wrote it.

She said: ''It was because it's a record that I actually was a part of creating.

''This was my very first song that I put out into the universe.

''My first song, and by God's grace, it also was a number one song, and it lasted on the Billboard charts for eight weeks. It was just kind of surreal to see that my dream was coming true.''

The chart-topping star previously admitted the record still has a ''special'' place in her heart.

She said: ''It's kind of surreal - it's like pinching myself, and going, 'This is literally 15 years ago.' Like, 15 years ago sounds so far away.

''To see this generation dancing to that song like it's a new song, and it's falling right into the pocket of what's happening now, it's kind of crazy. It also shows you the cycle of music and how different times repeat themselves all over again.''

Ciara has released seven studio albums, her most recent was 2019's 'Beauty Marks'.

And last year, she launched her own record label and entertainment company named after the LP.