Ciara wants to start a family with boyfriend Russell Wilson.

The 'I Got You' hitmaker, who has 15-month-old son Future Jr. with former fiancé Future, says she ''definitely'' wants more children and has already discussed settling down with the American footballer.

The 29-year-old singer said: ''I definitely [want more kids], yes. [Russell and I] discuss a lot of things ... a lot of good things!''

Asked about the Seattle Seahawks quarterback's relationship with her son, she told ''He is just an amazing guy. Honestly, him being in my life is really sweet ... Life is pretty good, I can say that.''

But the couple, who started dating in April, are unlikely to have a child together any time soon as Russell, 26, recently revealed they have taken a vow of celibacy.

Ciara is also focusing on her career and raising her little boy, who recently started talking.

She said: ''He's like a parrot now, he's in the parrot stage so he [copies] everything you say -- which you have to be careful with! The other day we were saying, 'Thank you, Jesus' and I would say, 'Say, thank you!' and he would say, 'Tank you!' I'd say, 'Je-sus' and he'd say, 'Yee-yus.' It is so sweet!''