Ciara was treated to one incredible surprise by her boyfriend, NFL player Russell Wilson, when he threw a party to celebrate her 30th birthday. Wilson arranged for Ciara’s family and friends to dress up as their favourite superheroes and he had a few additional surprises in store for Ciara.

CiaraCiara photographed at an appearance at Topshop in Las Vegas, October 2015.

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According to reports on, Ciara initially thought she was heading to a movie premiere at Warner Bros. lots in Los Angeles on Saturday night (24th October). She was all dressed up for the red carpet but was required to change again when she arrived at the lot where she found Wilson waiting with her costume and a very special mode of transport.

The ‘I Bet’ singer dressed as Cat Woman and Wilson, of course, donned a Batman outfit. The couple, who have been dating since April of this year, also arrived at the party in a Batmobile! Ciara shared a picture of herself with Wilson in the Batmobile – the same one which was used in filming for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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At the lot, Ciara was greeted by a hundred guests who all shouted ‘Surprise!’ as she arrived. Amongst the attendees were Serena Williams, Lily Collins and Kelly Rowland. Her son, 17-month-old Future Zahir, was dressed as Superman and looked absolutely adorable!

Beyoncé was also amongst the guests and she chose the perfect outfit: Storm from X-Men! 

There were other famous faces who couldn’t make the event so they sent special video messages to Ciara which were played shortly after she arrived. These included messages from Joe Jonas, Jennifer Hudson, Missy Elliot and Ludacris.

Ciara shared pictures from the night on with her followers on Instagram, take a look at a select few below. 

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You Make Me Smile.. #TheBestSurpriseBirthdayPartyEver

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My Little Superman ??

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