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i love her songs and she is so pretty

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by helenbadass

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hey i like here so much

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by helenbadass

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciara I luvvv you soooooooooo much. I cried when I saw you on stage. I went to the Scream Fest in 08 just to see you. Plz Plz send me back ciara. Im nuthin without u!!!!!!!!!! thanks soo much luvvv u!!!!!-ur fan

Posted 12 years 7 months ago by ciara luva

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Gal u rock my world u ar my number one fun. Watchin yo action wishes me 2 meet u. Am in zambia-Africa. U stay far but cloz 2 my heart. U ar my music. Lov u owaz.

Posted 13 years 7 months ago by Nyumadams

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Hello ciara my name is aisha and i live in geneva in switzerland i am 11yers old. i realy love your song in school i have know friend becosse i like you but is ok ciara you will be always on the you are on the top of my list.

Posted 14 years 2 months ago by Aisha.buba

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hie ciarahow are yu i love you so much i love all your songs especialy my Goodies i dream to see you i also love the way you dance your face is too beutfull i am goodness from zimbabwe please iwant to see you please email me my email adress goodnesspasi ILOVE YOU So MUCH

Posted 14 years 3 months ago by goodness

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ciara can u give bow wow one more chance. cause u cant see men stop cheating on girls they re expert in that no matter how beautiful u re. i love ur relationship with bow wow. cau pls........................................................... come back together.

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by limodawimp

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Damn C.C I just stopped by to say what it do! and see how you were doing but with all your email mail you might not never see mine. But to all those that will see my email sorry she's not with Bow Wow no more she's with me Richmond's Cali Finest the Madden Bully Tell C.C Let'em know! Lol!!!!!!! But yeah holla at me. Love Always DJ

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by DJ

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Hola sup with ya American beautiful lady? i guess u r doing perfectly well just as u look on ur music. Really i enjoy ur music and really wanna know u more, u r my special star, u r my moon of light, u r my bed of roses, each time i listen to ur song i have alot of energy, strenght, a reason to live, courage aba all loved. It true i wish i can get to know u well it possible if u can reply this and have some chat, u r the Golden Angle i see, u r god send to ur country, friends and me lol. I really enjoy that new album of urs featuring Ludacris, it awsome one thing for sure is u r doing ur thing and taking the life in ur high.Really the sky is not even ur limit God girl hope to hear from ya my mail id is [email protected] and God bless yaMY PRINCESS

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by kensonmill

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That new video you made "Get Up". DAMN! you can move good and sexy in those heels. Would you mind giving me a lap dance personally. All those rumors about you being a man. SO WHAT! having both is the best thing in life. Take it from me I should know. I would like to smell and touch you. Who's know I may can freak you out behind close doors. ( CHEEZING HARD)

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by Boom

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I love everything about you.your music,your person,and all.the reason is because i have the same figure like you.tall,pretty,sexy,are the same figures we share.i hope we become best of friends.i am 18.i realy love your new song SO makes me proud of you.thank God you can make others know you are not what they think you are.i wish you the best in life.

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by daglyeves

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hey ever1 ciara has a myspace if u go to her site (u shuld noe)u can add her thats whut i did

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by netta

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hi ciara i love you your one of my favorite artist i have pictures of u all over my room your my rolemadel i wanna be just like u when i grow skinny pretty a great singer i really love u so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME OR IM ME.

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by madcam500

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hi ciara my name is amber and i am your biggest fan and would love to meet you oneday and get to hang out with you and do fun stuff.i am your biggest fan and would love to contact you so if you get a chance please contact me at my emailemail:[email protected]

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by atlantadiva

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hey ciara this is ciara too and i a am 12 years old and i am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of you and bow-wow i will bye your movie,all you`ve got!! when it comes out bye your biggest!!!!!!!!!!fan!!!!!!#1 biggest fan

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by ciara clark

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hey ciara im cj ure biggest fan!!!!!!!i would love 2 have an emial from u plz can u send me an email... ill be really really happy if u email address is [email protected] what ciara my mom said that i can move 2 atlanta when im 18.....but i have to wait 7 years hehei hope we become friends!! anyway i really like ure songs... and from the look of ure face i see a really warm hearted plzzz ciara email me back.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by charmie a.k.a cj

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hey ciara i just wanted to let you know that im your biggest fan. i love all your songs, the way you dance, and how you dress. i have all your songs and i know all your songs by heart. everytime i hear your song on the radio i tell me mom to turn it all the way up. if there is a way i would absolutely love to meet you,even though i might faint when i see you. i think you would be a awesome friend and i also think that you are a pretty gurl. i watched Princess Diary, about you i loved it i think you are pretty with light brown and black hair pleaze email me back at [email protected] LOVE YOUR #1 FAN KEARRA

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by Kearra405

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Ciara hi you are a good person and a good singer gril you got it going on keep it up god is good to you ask for you and bow wow keep hope a life alive 50 said some thing about bow wow but bow wow got god in his life he do not be happy and have love for each other

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by kimi`e

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Hey Ciara,You rock and I am your biggest fan. I subscribe to anything dealing with you. I even entered to win "a phone call from ciara" out of twist magazine. I doubt you even get this, but if you do my e-mail address is

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by nicee

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hey girl i love you so much and i love your music too. i want to be just like you thats why im coping your style as in the dress codes cos you are hot love you maxie

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by maxie sparks

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hi ciara i am of ur biggest fan in nigeria and i wld like 2 say dat i appreciate all ur music and when i say all ur music(songs)BCOS 2 me they are alllovely bcos they have influenced me positively

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by tboy

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ciara im such a big fan of yours you wanna no how big so big i printed every page off of google i can find and i made a scrap book but one more thing send me a child picture of you and my email is [email protected] 12 yrs old your tha bomb ciara

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by netta

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ciara im your hugest fan e-mail me back so we can talk longer. your 11 year old friend ciara

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by kelsie

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