Chynna Phillips appeared unimpressed with the public's decision to eliminate her from this year's Dancing With The Stars, but later admitted she had nobody to blame but herself. The singer forgot parts of her routine on Monday's night's show and was gracious in accepting her ousting from the competition, reports the New York Daily News.
After finding herself in the 'bottom two' with Rob Kardashian, Phillips was eventually told she would be leaving the competition, with her initial reaction one of disappointment. She later said, "I'm disappointed, I'm sad.But I have to take responsibility, I messed up" Her partner Tony Dovolani, congratulated Chynna on her progress, saying, "I feel like she's really embraced this competition.The first thing that crossed my mind [when Chynna blanked] was to make sure she was okay and I wanted to tell her that these blackouts happen all the time". Kardashian, whose routine on Monday had gained rave reviews from the judges, appeared visibly relieved after learning he had made it through to next week's show.
Elsewhere on Tuesday, Scottish singer Susan Boyle performed a stirring rendition of 'Unchained Melody', while Derek Hough's sister Julianne Hough took to the dance floor to showcase some moves from upcoming movie 'Footloose'.