Review of Recover EP by Chvrches

With two warmly received singles under their belt, a 'Sound Of 2013' nod and an album due out towards the latter part of this year, Glaswegian band CHVRCHES are maintaining their ever growing public presence with their latest release. 'Recover' is a five track EP made up of three new tracks and a couple of interesting remixes.

Chvrches Recover EP

In the relatively short time since forming during the back part of 2011 (from various other musical projects) the Trio of Lauren, Iain and Martin have certainly developed and honed their sound. The synth drenched delights of their electro-pop are characterised by Lauren's high vocal delivery combined with looping keys and sumptuous arrangements and the 'Recover' EP certainly treats us to plenty of that, plus a little more.

The title track (Also the tune chosen for the final two remixes) 'Recover' is a shimmering piece of polished and playful pop. The radio ready track has it all; a catchy chorus, a lavish synth sequence and an ice cold, razor sharp vocal delivery. Previous comparisons were drawn from the band's earlier singles, 'Lies' and 'Mother We Share', to The Knife and Robyn but here Chvrches sound a little like Grimes which is no bad thing.

The second track ZVVL is an altogether darker venture pitching in somewhere around the intersection of Day One and Chew Lips. The keys are heavier, the lyrics more introspective and the atmosphere generally more brooding than bouncy. The vocal duties are passed to Iain and Martin as the bpm drops and the self-reflection starts. The third new track 'Now Is Not The Time' once again features the more familiar vocal of Lauren accompanied in a terrific and tightly arranged mix of beats and breaks. It is hard to imagine how such resplendent and radiant music has been born out of a city full of so much grey.

Chvrches continue to impress with each new development. Their blend of likable electro-pop is devoid of many of the genres cliches, is catchy but not overly commercial, is not manufactured or mannered and above all produces some great tunes. Bring on the album.

Andrew Lockwood. 

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