Review of The Hungry Years Album by ChungKing


Chungking - The Hungry Years - Album Review


The Hungry Years

Chungking consists of Sean Hennessey, Jessie Banks and James Stephenson. Originating from Brighton they have been successful with their first album ‘We Travel Fast’ gaining much credibility and praise. The Sunday Times quoted Banks as having a voice like that of Bassey, Mineli and Springfield to which I do have to agree.

‘The Hungry Years’ has definite colour, character and soul. What really stands out for me in this album is that it is full of charm. They

Chungking - The Hungry Years - Album Review

have an original blend of easy listening music, similar to the likes of Zero7 and Moloko, that is uplifting, emotive and chilled. Their definite hippie influence and positive attitude makes it this way. There’s also a lot of musical influences in this album ranging from the likes of The Beatles to Shirley Bassey to Portishead. ‘Voodoo’ is a great track that is sensual, hypnotic and very cool. As well as ‘Let The Love In’ which could rate up there with the likes of ‘I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun’ by Nuyorican Soul. There are groovy tracks, seductive tracks and some quite dramatic tracks. There’s no doubt this will be getting played for the essential Sunday comedown or played on the streets of a new bohemian scene.

Chungking is, my opinion, have made a very pleasing and creative album that oozes cool and sophisticated character. It could easily be played over and over again and should be enjoyed by most lovers of music. ‘The Hungry Years’ takes you on a tranquil journey to the spiritual domains of the soul and leaves you refreshed and uplifted.

Tareck Ghoneim