Chuck Norris is the leading contender to have a pedestrian bridge connecting Slovakia to Austria named after him. The Slovakian public has been granted the unique opportunity to vote for potential names for the bridge, which will span across the Morava River, just north of Bratislava.
According to Reuters, action-star Norris is far and away the favorite to be honored in the form of a bridge, though other contenders include Austro-Hungarian empress Maria Theresa and the nearby village of Devinska. The final decision will be made in the hands of a regional assembly, though public opinion appears to suggest Slovakians would be happy commuting across the 'Chuck Norris Bridge'. Regional governor Pavol Freso says the lawmakers will adhere to the people's wishes indicted in an online ballot. As of Thursday (February 23, 2012), the American marital artist-turned-actor had garnered 1,157 votes, which translated into 74 per cent of the total. Maria Theresa appears to have been roundhouse kicked down the pecking order, receiving only 8 per cent.
Though the exact relationship between Chuck Norris and central Europe is unclear, his movies and television shows became popular worldwide in the 1980s and 1990s. He is perhaps best known for starring in the series 'Walker, Texas Ranger' - a crime drama that ran for eight seasons.