Chuck Norris' dire warning for America. It might sound like the title of a new action adventure movie but actually, this is the name of a video that Chuck Norris has uploaded to YouTube, to warn the U.S. public to vote against President Barack Obama in the forthcoming US elections. Chuck's gotten political and by the sounds of it, he's gotten a little scared, as well. Chuck appears in the video, along with his wife Gena, who say that they are there to talk about "a growing concern," regarding the state of their beloved nation.
The only thing lacking is a dramatic soundtrack, as Chuck and Gena declare impending doom on the Usa. "We know you love your family and your freedom as much as Gena and I do," says Chuck, intuitively. "And it is because of that we can no longer sit quietly or stand on the sidelines and watch our country go the way of socialism or something much worse." 'What could possibly be worse than socialism?' we hear you cry! Gena then brings home the terrible news that 30,000 evangelical Christians stayed home on voting day the last time around, hence Barack Obama slipping into the presidential chair. The Norrises are determined that that is not going to happen again and called upon all evangelical Christians to register to vote and to cast their vote on election day.
Chuck then quotes Edmund Burke by saying "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing." The doom-laden message makes for pretty terrifying viewing, particularly when Norris's mood suddenly lifts and he ends with a cheery "see you at the polls!" Chilling stuff, indeed.