Rap godfather Chuck D is calling for Eminem to make a televised public apology for a racist record he made when he was a teenager.

The WITHOUT ME rapper was named and shamed by THE SOURCE journalists last year (03) after they uncovered a forgotten recording of Eminem poking fun at black women.

Eminem has since apologised for the recording, which he claims he made after breaking up with a black girlfriend, in the pages of rap magazine XXL, but Public Enemy founder Chuck D insists it isn't enough.

He says, "Eminem is full of s**t because, really, f**k your counsel and your people around you; if you said those things and were found out, you should go to BET (American urban cable music network) and make a national statement, like you're the president of rap.

"Running away from that issue is gaining my disrespect. That's bulls**t... Make a statement, do your thing, humble yourself and keep it moving.

"Don't put a f**king apology letter in XXL. You've got to talk to the masses."

06/06/2004 20:58