Christy Turlington doesn't feel pressure to look younger.

The 45-year-old supermodel insists she is happy to grow old gracefully and doesn't try to slow down the ageing process like other women her age.

She said: ''There aren't any negatives to getting older. Honestly, I think with age comes wisdom, so how could you argue with that? I feel that women are under too much pressure to try to look younger. I wouldn't go back in time for anything. I'm happy with who I am now.''

Christy makes sure she keeps her skin looking as healthy as it can be and says her secret is keeping it hydrated.

She explained: ''I don't like to put a lot of extra stuff on my skin. Moisture is the most important thing for it, so once it's hydrated and I've put some concealer on, then I feel my best.''

The stunning star - who has two children, Finn, eight, and Grace, 11, with husband Ed Burns - also believes her skin looked at its best when she was pregnant.

In an interview in the new UK issue of HELLO! magazine, she explained: ''When I became a mother, there were some changes in my skin at first, but mostly positive ones. Pregnancy can go either way - it can make your skin more reactive, or it can glow. I felt that motherhood gave me more of the benefits. My skin was pretty radiant when I was pregnant.''