Actor Christopher Walken refused to ride a real-life horse for his part in Sleepy Hollow, because he's terrified of the speedy animals.

The screen veteran - who played the villainous HEADLESS HORSEMAN in the 1999 JOHNNY DEPP-starring movie - warned Sleepy Hollow bosses about his horse fears, so they made him canter on a mechanical replica.

And he was stunned to discover the inanimate prop had a rich history in Hollywood.

He says, "I really don't like to get on horses. When I did Sleepy Hollow, I said to them, 'I not only can't ride a horse but I'm also sort of scared of them.'

"So I rode a mechanical horse - I believe it was the same horse that was used in National Velvet with (DAME) Elizabeth Taylor."

21/10/2004 02:24