Plummer portrays Pacino's manager in the new film and the Serpico star couldn't wait to remind him of the fanmail he once wrote to his hero after seeing him on Broadway in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui in 1963.

He tells Parade magazine, "He's one of the greatest actors ever, and an inspiration... I don't know if he got it (fan letter). I was a kid. He wouldn't have known how to get back to me."

Actor Bobby Cannavale, who plays Pacino's onscreen son in the film, is also overwhelmed to be working with his own movie hero.

The Boardwalk Empire stars says, "I can't believe I'm his (Pacino's) friend. We play cards... He's had a poker game for (years)... Before I got there, Al was the youngest guy at the game. He was the kid. It's all old friends of his, including the guy who gave him his first job delivering papers, Frank."