Over the past 15 years, Christopher Nolan has proven himself as a master of intelligent filmmaking, generally sticking to the psychological thriller genre while mixing in action and brain-bending flourishes. And now with Interstellar he has left the confines of Earth's gravity to head into science-fiction for the first time.

Matthew McConaughey & Anne Hathaway on setMatthew Mcconaughey & Anne Hathaway on set

Intriguingly, Nolan has still maintained his commitment to in-camera effects even in this genre, refusing to indulge in flashy digital trickery just because he can. Like his last few films, he has also shot portions of the film in Imax, massive screen imagery photographed on film, not digitally, which gives the entire movie an earthy texture that's intriguingly realistic. This also focusses even the most existential and scientific discussions squarely on the characters.

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And actors like Matthew McConaugheyAnne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine clearly relish having complex roles to play, infusing their characters with both intelligence and emotion as the film spirals out to explore the secrets of the universe across six (yes, six!) dimensions.

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Nolan got his start with 1999's micro-budget Following, a jarringly out-of-sequence thriller shot in the streets of London. He then made an even more challenging structural thriller with Memento, telling a complex story in reverse, followed by the Arctic mystery Insomnia starring Robin Williams and Al Pacino. Between his three Batman/Dark Knight movies, which essentially reinvented the superhero adventure genre, Nolan directed the two mind-centred thrillers: The Prestige (about magicians) and Inception (about dream raiders).

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Many critics are already acclaiming Interstellar (the third in Nolan's "In" trilogy?) as one of his best, although others are criticising its over-explained pseudo-science and awkward structure. Audiences will vote with their wallets this weekend.

Anne Hathaway in Interstellar
Anne Hathaway stars alongside Matthew McConaughey in 'Interstellar'

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