So we all got pretty excited when we found out that Bill Murray doesn't have an agent, and that, should you want to pitch the movie legend a part, you have to find his secret number (which nobody knows) and leave your idea on his answering machine. This week, we learned that Christopher Nolan - one of the world's most innovative movie directors - doesn't have an email address.

Christopher NolanChristopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' has scored excellent reviews

In a wide ranging profile in the New York Times Magazine, we learned that the filmmaker responsible for Memento, The Prestige and The Dark Knight trilogy doesn't own an email address and so gets his assistant to print out important memos for him. 

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We also learned that Nolan wears exactly the same thing every day. That's a "dark, narrow-lapeled jacket over a blue dress shirt with a lightly fraying collar, plus durable black trousers over scuffed, sensible shoes. In colder weather, Nolan outfits himself with a fitted herringbone waistcoat, the bottom button left open. A pair of woven periwinkle cuff links and rather garish striped socks represent his only concessions to whimsy or sentimentality."

In more geekier revelations, Nolan apparently spends up to two weeks typing out the original idea for a new movie on his father's old typewriter and is so fond of special effect that, according to his post-production coordinator, he worked on romantic comedies with more after effects than The Dark Knight Rises.

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Nolan's latest movie, sci-fi Interstellar, has gained positive reviews from critics. It follows a widowed engineer played by Matthew McConaughey who travels into space to explore a newly identified wormhole. 

Watch the riveting documentary for 'Interstellar':