U.S. Army veteran Chris Mintz risked his life when he stood up to the gunman who opened fire at the school in Roseburg, Oregon on Thursday (01Oct15). He was shot seven times and is currently recovering in a local hospital.

His namesake, Mintz-Plasse, took to Twitter.com on Friday (02Oct15) to make sure his followers knew the hero wasn't him and paid tribute to brave Mintz.

He wrote, "So much love for the real Chris Mintz... The heroic Chris Mintz who was shot yesterday is not me. All your tweets are so thoughtful and beautiful, please go find his loved ones."

Many social media users tracked down the real hero and offered up links to his accounts, adding the caption "make him famous".

Mintz, a student at the community college, charged straight at the gunman, who killed nine people and injured at least 10 during the latest U.S. campus massacre.

A witness tells ABC News, "He ran to the library and pulled the alarms and he was telling people to run, grabbing people, telling them, ‘You just have to go’. He actually ran back towards the building where the shooting was and he ran back into the building and I don’t know what happened to him."

Meanwhile, Mintz’s cousin, Derek Bourgeois, has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money his medical bills.

He writes, "During the shooting both of his legs were broken and he is going to have to go through a ton of physical therapy. He is a father, a veteran, a student, and now he’s a hero."

In an interview with ABC News on Friday, Mintz said, "I’m just worried about everyone else."