Christopher Mintz-Plasse felt like a naughty schoolkid during a recent appearance on U.S. TV - after the interviewer slapped him for suggesting her daughter was sexually active.
The Superbad star was appearing on New York's Fox 5 network to promote his new comedy Year One, which co-stars Jack Black.
Reporter Rosanna Scotto quizzed the young actor over rumours his mum watches all his scenes - even when he's pretending to have sex on camera.
She mocked, "I know she sat in, which I feel is a little strange being a mum too, she sat in on that sex scene in Superbad."
To which the actor jokingly replied, "That's not normal? Mums don't sit in on their kids having sex? Come on, you've seen your daughter having sex!"
An insulted Scotto quickly retaliated to the joke - by slapping the actor on the leg, before shouting, "No, my daughter has not!"
A shocked Mintz-Plasse looked aghast as crewmembers behind the scenes nervously laughed, before Scotto carried on with the interview.