Christopher Mintz-Plasse wants Eli Roth to direct 'Kick Ass 2'.

The actor - who played Chris D'Amico in the first film -would love to film a sequel to the box office hit, and thinks 'Hostel' writer and director Eli would be a perfect choice for director if Matthew Vaughn who helmed the original decided not to return behind the camera.

Christopher told "I talked to Matthew and he's like, 'I don't know if I would ever direct it, but I would definitely be on board to produce it.' And I've thought, Eli Roth would be such a cool director for this. Or someone who hasn't done a comic book movie but gets horror because it's very violent. Very bloody."

The original movie - which grossed almost $100 million at the worldwide box office - co-starred Chloe Moretz and Aaron Johnson, as Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass and while Christopher is hoping for a sequel, he is unsure if it would be possible to reunite the original cast.

He explained:"Chloe's working up a storm, man. She's non-stop. So, who knows if we'll ever do it? I know I would love to, and I think Aaron would love to. I'm sure Chloe would, but we're all just kind of busy right now."