Singer/songwriter Christopher Cross is considering jumping on an online dating site in a bid to find love in his 60s.
The single Sailing singer hits the landmark age on Tuesday (03May11) and admits he's looking for a partner.
Tired of playing the dating game, Cross reveals he might try out a matchmaking website online.
He tells, "I need to get more involved in that. It would be nice to find the cheerleader that I idolised from afar and find out she's been in prison for years! It would be cool to find some of those really old friends, the army brats that I knew, like my friend Jay Bird and his sister Barbara, who I had a crush on.
"The problem is with the social dating thing for me it's hard because if you're well known you wonder why people are interested and it's hard to know if someone is telling the truth when they say, 'I'm 35', and then they show up and you're like, 'Really, you're 35?!' They meant to write 55.
"I think you should just put up a picture of Jabba The Hut and that way if they show up, it only can get better!"