Chrissy Teigen is a ''brat about food''.

The 34-year-old model became embroiled in a Twitter war with her own followers on Sunday (19.04.20) when she posted an image of her homemade bowl of chicken and dumplings, only to find some of her fans were less than impressed with her culinary creation.

And after retaliating, the 'Cravings' cookbook author admitted she got ''defensive'' about her food because she feels very strongly about her homemade meals.

Chrissy's rant began when she posted a picture of her food, and wrote: Chicken n dumplin night at the legend household. Thank u @TheKalenAllen for reminding me I wanted this. (sic)''

The 'Lip Sync Battle' star was soon flooded with comments, many of them telling her the dish looked too dark to be a classic chicken and dumplings recipe, which often has a lighter, cream-based broth.

One fan wrote: ''Will never cook shame you, but I've never seen a brown sauce chicken and dumplings. Is this an untapped secret?''

Whilst another simply added: ''Why is it brown?''

After one follower remarked that Chrissy's dish looked more like gumbo and not chicken and dumplings, the model became irritated and replied: ''Sigh. Gumbo is a completely different recipe with soup. Color is not the difference between gumbo and chicken n dumplings. (sic)''

The same fan then asked why she was getting ''defensive'' about the food, to which she responded: ''Because I have 500 people s***ting on my food on Twitter every day. That's why! (sic)''

Chrissy then took a moment to calm down, and when told her fans having ''nothing but love'' for her, she revealed the reason she gets so passionate about food.

She wrote: ''I know sorry I just get defensive cause I have like 500 people telling me it looks wrong and I'm a brat about food. Lol I'm sorry.

''I love you guys I'm sorry. I just am in a poop mood.''