Not that we’re endorsing excessive alcohol consumption, but if you don’t love Chrissy Teigen/didn’t enjoy her ceremonial first pitch at last night’s Dodgers game, you’re just plain wrong. The model/Sports Illustrated covergirl claims she downed a pitcher of Margaritas before stepping onto the pitch – despite the linguistic similarity, that does not sound like the best idea.

Chrissy Teigen
First pitch hall of fame.

See, it was Teigen’s dad’s birthday that night, which obviously calls for a celebration. Said celebration apparently included a bunch of cocktails, all well documented via Teigen’s Twitter and Instagram. Seriously. She almost did a play-by-play of the night.

"Dad making birthday margaritas like only he can."

All of that meant that when it came time to go out onto the pitch, she was, in her own words:

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Chrissy came out on wearing a Dodgers jersey with the number 40 and the name Nugz on it, because of reasons. But they were very good reasons, honestly. Take a look.

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So she stumbled onto the pitch and definitely did not appear to be in the best shape. Well, it’s Chrissy Teigen, so she was still in better shape than most of us can hope to achieve in our lives, tbf. But she didn’t really look like a lean, mean, pitching machine. And then, THIS was the pitch she threw.

Basically, you wish you had drunk Crissy Teigen’s skills.