The internet loves Chrissy Teigen, mainly because everything she puts out on social media is either adorable or hilarious. Recently she went for the latter, and publicly contacted a plastic surgeon about the possibility of getting a procedure done on her butt. Of course, it was all in jest.

Chrissy Teigen at the Tony AwardsChrissy Teigen at the Tony Awards

The model noticed a conversation going on on Twitter between Florida surgeon Michael Salzhauer (better known as Dr. Miami) and social media star YesJulz earlier this week, with the latter hoping to pop into the clinic to undergo some procedure or other. Chrissy decided to jump in for a laugh.

'Hello. I want a butt', she bluntly told Dr. Miami, who is famous for his Brazilian butt lifts, as shown on his TV show. It seems he didn't know whether or not she was being serious at first, but offered her an appointment anyway - with the promise that she would get husband John Legend to sing for Mrs. Salzhauer.

'I got you girl', he replied. 'I'll trade your new butt for John Legend singing 'All of Me' to my wife for our 22nd wedding anniversary next month. Deal? I've got one waiting for you in my office. How quickly can you get to Miami?'

Chrissy didn't accept the deal, but replied: 'Do you just have a tray of butts?'

Dr. Miami seemed thoroughly pleased by this interaction by the Twitter queen, even after he realised that she wasn't really after any cosmetic surgery. Though he would be excited to get to work on the mother of one if she was ever for real in the future.

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'I enjoy operating on all my patients and it's always a bonus to work on celebrities, Teen Moms, and reality stars', he told International Business Times. 'I've performed thousands of mommy makeovers and Brazilian butt lifts but working on Chrissy Teigen would be a highlight for my career. I'm sure she was just joking but I'm always here if she needs me.'