Chrissy Teigen says TikTok has encouraged teenagers to behave like ''CIA ops''.

The 34-year-old model - who has Luna, four, and Miles, two, with husband John Legend - has hit out at online conspiracy theorists, explaining that the video-sharing platform is full of people posting unsubstantiated rumours about herself and her family.

Chrissy wrote on Twitter: ''another fun thing is tik tok has 18 year olds thinking they're CIA ops

''It used to be just deranged 50 somethings. Now it's tik tok. And when nothing pans out for them with me and john, it won't simply go away. They can't admit they're wrong. They'll say every vacay I take from here on out is my mandated jail time. Lol (sic)''

In June, Chrissy said she's limiting her time on social media because she's ''tired of people''.

The model - who has more than 13 million followers on Twitter and more than 30 million followers on Instagram - revealed she'd decided to step back from social media because she ''can't take'' dealing with some people anymore.

In response to a Twitter video showing a woman throwing her shopping on the floor of a supermarket after being asked to wear a face mask, Chrissy replied: ''I'm so tired of people, man. Why I started limiting my social media time. Went from 20 hours a day to 20 mins. All I can take. (sic)''

Prior to that, Chrissy recommended the UK version of 'Love Island' to her followers as a suitable distraction amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The American star quipped on Twitter: ''If anyone needs a break from anything, each season of love island has about 53,000 episodes (sic)''