Christine And The Queens' song 'Tilted' is based on feeling ''out of place''.

The musician - whose real name is Héloïse Letissier - ''stumbled'' on the name for her latest single, which won the Best Track of the Year award at this year's V05 NME Awards, but has admitted it was ''exactly'' the title she was looking for because she wanted the track to be about ''not finding your balance''.

Speaking to NME magazine about the recent release, the French vocalist said: ''It's about feeling out of place, not finding your balance, or being depressed been, but with playful images with a song you can dance to. I was searching for lots of images or words that could fit and I just stumbled upon this word, to tilt or be tilted, and I was exactly trying to find this image.

''It's literally about not finding your balance with a playful image''.

And the vocalist is keen to ''dive deeper'' with her future records.

Speaking previously, she said: ''This one was a debut album for me, so it feels just like an introduction. Now we can dive deeper.

''I do have many songs now and I have to choose. It's not really difficult though, because I know where I want to make Christine go. I know where she's going to be, who she's going to be, who she's going to be in love with and what she will be angry for.''