Ever seen a crayon with eyelashes? You will have after you've watched the brand new trailer for kids animation The Hero of Color City, a hot new movie with a rather unique premise. The visual equivalent to giving your kids E-numbers, the imaginative and - some might say - psychedelic action adventure is drawing (sorry) steadily nearer to its official release in fall.

The Hero Of Color City
You Can't Afford To Miss '...Color City': The Breakout Children's Film Of 2014.

Dubbed "An unforgettable adventure about finding your true color," the film follows a pack of crayons who leap out of their box when little Ben is asleep and head through a magic portal to the wondrous City of Color. There, they socialise with other colors and revel in the unending, multi-hued joy of their existence.

Their happiness is halted when two brutal "unfinished drawings" called King Scrawl and his minion Gnat set about draining the color from the city by blocking the sacred rainbow waterfall. Determined to stay bright, Ben's crayons embark on a mission to halt the nasty Scrawl's nefarious plans and save themselves from an unthinkable black-and-white existence, all in the hours before Ben wakes up in the morning.

Watch The 'The Hero Of Color City' Trailer:

Kids will love getting to know the film's seven core crayon characters, who will bring a new excitement to pulling out the artbox and starting a paper-based creation of their own. In a rather genius touch, each character's color corresponds to their personality, with Red being a sassy New Yorker, cool dude Blue, anorak Green and glum Black.

Color City rounds up a pretty impressive cast too: Christina Ricci lends her voice to Yellow, Rosie Perez plays Red, Wayne Brady is Blue and David Kaye is Black. The directorial debut of Frank Gladstone, Color City is an adorable and exciting adventure for children, whose imaginations will be lit up by such an inspiring rainbow romp.

With mind-blowingly cutting edge digital animation, fully explored character arcs and a genius plotline to make big-budget Hollywood blockbusters go back to the sandbox, The Hero of Color City may just be 2014's most underrated movie. The Hero of Color City will be release in the USA on the 3rd October.

The Hero Of Color City Poster
'The Hero Of Color City' Will Be Released On iTunes & On Demand On The 3rd October.