Christina Hendricks is the new spokesperson for eyelash thickener brand Latisse.

The 'Mad Men' actress' lashes have thinned through years of wearing thick make-up and false lashes, but she says using the brand has helped build them back up to her natural thickness.

She told "Because of my profession I end up wearing a lot of makeup and false eyelashes. I've noticed a wear on my lashes and that they've become thin.

"I've been using the product for one month and in the past three to five days I've noticed extra length. I'm excited to see my results in 12 weeks."

Christina's involvement with the brand also means she her is fronting its Latisse Wishes Challenge, which is encouraging people to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and if they do the company will match their donation and give the donor a free Latisse gift certificate. The campaign is aiming to earn $500,000 for the charity.

Christina is hoping top plump up her eyebrows to help her achieve a look closer to the classic beauty icons she aspires to.

She added: "I know it's a little trite because every girl says it but I would say Marilyn Monroe and Mia Farrow - they looked amazing. And Faye Dunaway. I'm into old-school beauty because I like vintage style."