Actress Christina Applegate has revealed the outfit she wore for a Stevie Nicks fantasy scene in her hit Tv comedy Up All Night was the one the singer wore for the cover of her 1981 album Bella Donna.

The Fleetwood Mac star is a huge fan of the show, in which Applegate plays a mum trying to balance parenting with her career, and asked to be a part of the comedy.

Applegate came up with the idea for the fantasy sequence - and to make it extra special for the Anchorman actress, Nicks handed over her Bella Donna costume.

Applegate explains, "When she came to set... she brought me her Bella Donna white outfit and her shoes and her jewellery and everything that she wore, like, 30 years ago and that's what I got to wear.

"She has it in a vault and she brought it out of the vault; it hasn't come out of the vault in 30 years... It's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your life. The second you put it on, there is a wind machine on you... You are that person and you're twirling and you can't stop."