Christina Applegate's daughter is her ''number one priority''.

The 43-year-old actress has four-year-old Sadie Grace with her musician husband Martyn LeNoble and after missing out on some key moments in her development due to her role on TV series 'Up All Night' she decided to make her career secondary to motherhood.

Speaking to Mexican newspaper Excelsior, she said: ''Once I had my daughter, I was doing a show six months later ... which I did for two years and I didn't see her, that was something that wasn't right to me, so I had to make a decision truly conscious about how I was a mother before anything else. I took a year-and-a-half off and was with her. In between jobs I spend the majority of my time with my daughter so she knows I'm there. Plus, I enjoy doing things with her so much, she is my number one priority, nothing else is as significant as she is.''

Now before she accepts an acting role, the 'Vacation' star - who has beaten breast cancer - has a discussion with her entire family to ensure it's going to be the right thing for everyone.

She explained: ''Every work decision is made by the whole family, we discuss every role to ensure it suits the family dynamic, if it will make us all happy. I mean, we do a consensus so everything goes right regarding our family.''