Actress Christina Applegate has branded her short stint on Broadway "awful" after her time treading the boards was tarnished by a broken foot and bad reviews.

The Samantha Who? star was gearing up to make her debut in New York's theatre district in the 2005 revival of Sweet Charity when she was injured in a preview.

She was replaced by an understudy before returning to the stage, but couldn't show off her intricate dance moves on doctor's orders.

Applegate tells Britain's The Independent, "I don't think disappointing is a word that can describe how awful that whole experience was, how sad it was. I'd been working so hard, dancing my butt off, and once it (her foot) was broken, I could never do the show the way I had rehearsed it."

But it wasn't her injured foot which eventually attracting the ire of the critics - it was her singing voice.

She adds, "I'm not musically inclined in any way, shape or form. I faked my way through Broadway. Trust me on that. A lot of the reviews were, 'Her voice was just horrible'. I was a dancer and I would have loved to continue with dancing. I always thought that was what I was going to do, as a kid, dance on Broadway."