Christina Aguilera and The Roots performed a pretty special version of her single ‘Your Body,’ along with Jimmy Fallon. The musical stars joined the chat show host in his office before appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, using his office supplies as musical instruments. Somewhat surprisingly, Fallon proved to be a pretty impressive vocal talent, in no way outdone by The Roots or Aguilera.

Christina herself was in fine voice, and the video clip makes for pretty entertaining viewing. Dressed in a leather jacket and with pink dip-dyed hair, her powerful vocals sounded great over the unusual percussion provided by The Roots. The seven members of The Roots were crammed into the office, with Fallon and Aguilera and used items such as elastic bands, paper clips, scissors and coffee pots to bulk up the song.

On Friday night, Aguilera also performed at the Hurricane Sandy Tribute Concert, aired by NBC. Performing at the concert, she explained how she had grown up on Staten Island, which had been devastated by the hurricane. She went on to sing a moving rendition of ‘Beautiful,’ one of her biggest hits and a tale of finding inner strength in tough times. She was praised by the PopCrush blog for not trying to use the event to promote her new album, but just pouring her heart and soul into the performance and trying to offer hope to those in need.

Watch the video of 'Your Body,' office-style: