Christina Aguilera "detests" going to the gym.

The newly-single singer - who has a two-year-old son Max with estranged husband Jordan Bratman - says she only exercises to help her mind feel good, and doesn't like to deprive herself when it comes to food.

She explained: "I've never been really good at staying in shape! I'm not one of those people who likes buckling down and loves a workout. I detest exercising - I really don't like it at all. But I do it because it helps me feel good and helps my mind feel good. I'll lift a few weights, do some cardio and a little bit of boxing.

"I don't like deprivation, I will say that. So I definitely like to treat myself. Life is definitely Too Short to deprive myself too often."

The 'Beautiful' hitmaker also admitted she didn't find it hard to feel sexy after the birth of her son, as she developed a new-found confidence within herself.

Christina told LOOK magazine: "It was easy for me to feel sexy after having Max. I felt there was a new-found confidence within myself and my body that I didn't have before.

"There have been a few changes, but it's like getting older. I really find nothing wrong with getting older, because with it I think you learn certain lessons."