Christina Aguilera has "never stopped singing in Spanish".

The 41-year-old star recently released the first part of her Spanish project, an EP titled 'La Fuerza', and although it's more than 20 years since her first Spanish-language album, she's always had the ambition at the back of her mind.

She shared: "As an artist you can’t stay stuck. [Trying new things] can be scary and I’m not as confident writing in Spanish as I am in English, but its so special to me. You’re never too old old to learn something new."

Christina was raised by her Spanish-speaking mother, and she's always relished singing in the language.

She told Billboard's Twitter Spaces: "I’ve always had it in me. I never stopped singing in Spanish.

"Whenever the opportunities came about where I was really passionate about a project, I’d go for it. I always say when you grow up with something, if it’s part of your household, my mom was fluent in Spanish, that’s how she met and connected with my dad, who’s from Ecuador. I heard the language so much. I always say, when it’s in you, it never leaves you."

Christina has also teased the next chapters in her Spanish project.

She said: "Fans have waited for so long so I wanted to give them surprises throughout the year.

"The first chapter is 'La Fuerza' and each body of work represents a different tone and different mood and a different release of the journey that I’m on as a woman. You start with the strength, and we’re going to be more tender and open up to be a bit more vulnerable with the material in the next chapter and then we’ll close on this healing note.

"It was very personal to me. I wanted it to come from the heart."